I am a 2008-2014 Rising Star on  My sponsor, Katkola, has been a
great help to me.  She's very supportive and
helpful - a very kind soul.  GabriellaR45, a
site moderator, approved the award - she is
also extremely supportive.  Most of the
writers on are very supportive and
helpful.  It is an excellent website!  Check it
Newest short stories posted -
Bite Me
Little Shit
Everyman Hero

Currently, I am working on a new short story - The Odd Hour.
Site Last Updated on 09/09/2014
I still exist!  There haven't been any updates for a looooong time.  My life and family were disrupted by
a personal tragedy.  I am only now beginning to devote time to writing again.  I am only updating now
because some jackass hacked my site with a virus.  My provider caught the problem and shut down my
site temporarily, but I had to delete all files and re-update with an old backup.  The person responsible
better watch over their shoulder because all criminals unintentionally leave a trail.  If they had actually
read any of my work they would know that crime doesn't pay and that Karma pays back tenfold!
I am an author who deals primarily with poetry,
short stories, and novels.  My preferred genres
vary greatly and include: Psychological Drama,
Science Fiction, Paranormal/Supernatural,
Fantasy, Mystery, and Horror.  Usually, my work
is a combination of the aforementioned
(Psychological Sci-Fi, Mystery/Supernatural,
Psychological Horror, etc.)