In college, we were given an assignment to write a
descriptive 'story' - something to make the reader 'feel'
with their senses.
Most of the other students used sight, sound, smell,
touch, and taste - I had to be different!  I wanted to make
the reader 'feel' emotions.  I opted for the 'sixth sense'.
Imagine This...
by Xander Riley

Imagine yourself walking in your front door at the end of a long day at work or school. You are finally home.

Every bone in your body is tired. Your head droops, nearing sleep. You dragged yourself the last few yards to your front door.

Walking inside, you lock the door before setting down your briefcase or books. Nothing else matters right now - you collapse into a chair.

Putting your feet up onto the coffee table, you close your eyes and try to relax. Try to forget all the issues of your day.

Deep breath in...
Deep breath out...

Force your muscles to go limp and clear your mind of today's clutter of thoughts. Nothing matters now. Everything can wait until morning.

Deep breath in...
Deep breath out...

You nearly drift off to sleep, but pull yourself back to reality. Your bed would be more comfortable than the chair, yet the chair feels too good
to leave.

Opening your eyes is a struggle. Drained of energy, you sit and ponder your life, taking the time to enjoy your home. Home, a place we all take
for granted.

You have a home. Others are homeless, without a chair to sit in or a bed to sleep in.

You are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Others live on the street, facing nature and fighting for their lives.

You have food in the kitchen while others starve.

You have a television and stereo for entertainment. You have books to read and a comfortable place to read them.

You sit silently, relishing your prosperous life, your pleasant home. This is the reason you suffer the indignities of work and/or school. This is
the result of your labors - and you love your home.

You watch the birds flying outside your window, lighting on the branches and ruffling their feathers.

A squirrel darts onto the branch, chasing off the birds. The furry little critter turns and looks at you, cocking his head sideways as if saying
"What are you looking at, bud?"

You stand up with a groan and a stretch. It was good to sit and relax after your hard day; but if you don't start moving now, you never will.

The kitchen is tidy, as usual. Opening a loaf of bread, you pull out a slice and crumble it in your hand.

Then you walk toward the window, holding out your handful of bread crumbs toward the tiny squirrel in the tree. You stop halfway across the
room to keep from scaring him away.

But he's not scared. Apparently, he has been fed by humans in the past. He jumps from the tree branch onto the window sill.

You don't want to scare him off by moving too fast. One step at a time, closer to the window. You're afraid that he will dart off if you move too
quickly. He'll probably run away when you open the window, anyway.

You watch as his tail twitches. He stands on his hind legs and looks to either side of the room, then hops inside to the carpet.

The breadcrumbs fall forgotten to the floor. You have never left a window open in your life.

Suddenly there is a thud in the next room and you realize that you are not alone...

© Copyright 2008 Xander Riley
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