Betrayed was written for a
contest in which the poem had to
incorporate an image.  The
picture was a car driving on a
curvy mountain road in the rain.  
There were no guardrails and
the car was going into a sharp

My initial thought was not about
the dangerous situation, but what
caused the driver to be there.

by Xander Riley

In a single day, my whole world fell apart.
I was fired by a man half my age.
I did not suspect this was only the start,
That my anger would soon turn to rage.

For twenty-three years I had sold his used cars
And had stuck by his side, thick and thin.
He took it away in the blink of an eye,
So I sulked with a bottle of gin.

When the shock had worn off I went on my way,
Driving home to my wife, to our nest.
I started to tell her what happened that day,
But "I want a divorce!" stopped the rest.

I was too stunned to speak, my mouth open wide,
But I heard every word that she spoke.
She wanted a life that I could not provide;
Selling cars in this town was a joke.

She had closed our account, took all we had saved
And was moving in with her lover.
She calmly sat down as I ranted and raved
Though I wished she'd been running for cover.

Her five year affair was the man of her dreams.
He could give her what I never could.
Our marriage had crumbled, beyond hope it seems.
She was leaving at last -- and for good.

Her lover arrived and he rang the front bell.
She would move in with him this same night.
My body felt numb, just a useless shell,
But I had not yet begun to fight.

She opened the door and rushed into his arms.
I was past any feelings of loss.
I may lose my wife after losing my job,
I could not lose my wife to my boss!

I stormed out of the house in a fit of rage,
My savings wrapped in an old shirt.
I could live without her and my minimum wage,
But having cash certainly won't hurt.

My good sense returned, now I'm driving along
In hard rain on a mountain highway.
I can't figure out why things happened so wrong,
But now things will start going my way.

I'll start a new life in a town far away,
But this time I will not get married.
My life will be fine, this dog will have his day,
But not 'til the bodies are buried.

© Copyright 2008 Xander Riley
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