Bingo! was a series of acrostic poems that I
wrote to use on bookmarks for distribution at
the local VFW Hall for Bingo night.

                                                          by Xander Riley

                                      Buy a few cards and have a seat.
                                      It's time to socialize and meet
                                      New friends and old.
                                      Go forth, be bold;
                                      Open up, find a new pal to greet.

                                      Bring your neighbors and settle in;
                                      Indulge with beer or wine or gin.
                                      Need one for a line
                                      Get set, it's a sign
                                      Of good luck - you're going to win.

                                      Bingo attracts a special breed,
                                      Indulge your vices, feed your greed
                                      Numbers tumble,
                                      Gamers grumble.
                                      One number is all that you need.

                                      Balls with numbers spin and tumble;
                                      Irate players moan and grumble.
                                      No luck it seems,
                                      Give up your dreams.
                                      Once you lose, your hopes will crumble.

                                                                                                 © Copyright 2008 Xander Riley
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