This is a longer version of my
other poem, Tick-Tock.  I
actually wrote these many
years ago.

The Human Place
by Xander Riley

Time is money. We should be wise and spend it well,
Will you be rich and powerful? Only time will tell.
Money is power. It is earned by work and sweat,
Waste time and you lose money. Waste money, you're in debt.

Time will pass unhindered and can never be regained.
Power can be fleeting. It cannot long remain.
Money might improve your life so you live like a king.
Yet not a soul will ever know what the future brings.

The things that we depend upon will not always be true,
They are the very things Fate changes when its playing games with you.
There's nothing we can count on, nothing's 'given' in this life,
Because Fate will change the rules, it can cut you like a knife.

A fool and his money are soon parted, as is told.
The powerful will fall and the young ones will grow old.
The clock will keep on ticking as time continues on.
Life is but a battle with the lines already drawn.

We strive for success in this existence we've created,
Yet the measure of success is a subject much debated.
Will future generations care if you were rich or poor?
Or will you be remembered as the one who stopped a war?

Our lives seem all-important as we struggle to survive,
Yet we're part of an ecology that's also quite alive.
Like ants upon a boulder, mankind swarms this planet Earth.
Considering our lives to be the only thing of worth.

Our actions shape the countries and the planet of our birth.
The solar system's not the same without our Mother Earth.
The universe is vast and the Earth is just a rock.
The clock is always ticking. Eternally. Tick-tock.

© Copyright 2008 Xander Riley
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