Modern Santa
by Xander Riley

This year, you won't see Santa
Riding in his sleigh--
Along with his red suit,
He packed them all away.

The reindeer have retired -
They live down in Key West.
His elves live down there ,too,
Enjoying a needed rest.

To keep up with the times,
Santa changed his whole routine;
He wears all kinds of clothes,
And adapts to every scene.

In New York, he drives a cab;
With the Amish, it's a horse.
He has a boat for Venice;
Alaska is a sled, of course.

You might see him in a truck,
On a tractor, or a bus.
You may not know it's Santa,
But he knows each one of us.

So, be nice to all you meet;
If you're bad, you'll pay the price -
He always has his list
Of who's naughty and who's nice!

© Copyright 2011 Xander Riley
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