The Mystic Hole was written for
a contest.  The requirement
was to write a poem about a
picture they provided.

The Mystic Hole
by Xander Riley

While strolling on the beach one day,
I came across a metal sheet.
Half-buried in the sand, it lay -
Warm to the touch from sun and heat.

Embedded with small rocks and stone,
The metal looked quite strong.
I couldn't lift it on my own,
But fought and dragged it along.

I took it to my hideaway,
A cove of rocks and caves,
And leaned it up against a block
Of stone far from the waves.

I spied a small hole in the sheet
No bigger than a dime.
And though it was no easy feat,
I scraped away the grime.

By now it was becoming night;
A chill ran through my soul
When suddenly I saw a light
Shine through the tiny hole.

The hole grew bigger as I stared,
As big as my whole hand.
Though I should be shocked and scared,
I sat down in the sand.

My eyes could not believe the view
That should have been just rock -
It took a couple minutes to
Recover from my shock.

A vast blue sea, a sunset sky,
More violet than blue;
A dolphin calmly swimming by,
A boat comes sailing through.

I waited 'til the hole had grown
As big as I was wide,
Then left this world of rock and stone
To swim  - on the other side.

© Copyright 2008 Xander Riley
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