This poem was written for a
contest - the requirement was
that it had to incorporate a
photograph into the poem.  The
picture was a desolate beach,
dark skies, dreary colors, and
stony beach.  The only bright
points were a rainbow and the
seagulls flying overhead.

Rainbow of Life
by Xander Riley

I went to the shore once the storm passed by,
Dark skies cast a gloom on the day.
A rainbow appeared, God’s sign in the sky,
It ended far out in the bay.

Standing alone on a shoreline of stone,
I stared at the gulls flying free.
No sign of life in this desolate zone -
Just me and the gulls, and the sea.

I wandered the beach, my thoughts sinking low,
As dreary and dark as the day.
My life was a sham, my world filled with woe,
I knelt on the hard rocks to pray.

A roar of thunder I felt to the bone,
A bolt of light flashed from the sky.
I jumped to my feet, no longer alone –
A seagull had landed nearby.

It held in its beak a fish from the sea,
Stood fearless mere yards from my feet.
It lay down the fish and stared straight at me,
Then flew off, its mission complete.

A sign from above that all was not lost,
That hope still exists in my life.
I’d work through my pain, no matter the cost,
And find ways to deal with my strife.

© Copyright 2008 Xander Riley
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