Santa Not Real?
by Xander Riley

Santa is not real.
My best friend told me so.
He's in the second grade,
So I guess he oughta know.

My daddy says he's real,
That Santa comes each year.
But what does Daddy know?
He says the sleigh is pulled by deer.

My mommy was upset.
She said that my friend lied.
Now when he comes by to play,
She makes him stay outside.

I don't think he’s a liar.
He just doesn't think it's right -
One person couldn't be
Everywhere in just one night.

I know that Santa's not a person.
There's a fake one in the mall.
He’s got to be a phony,
'Cuz he's only four feet tall.

But I figured it all out.
I'm not stupid, I'm just small.
Santa's just like God -
He lives inside us all.

© Copyright 2011 Xander Riley
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