Tick-Tock was a poem I
wrote many years ago.  I
found a handwritten copy
of it in an old file and
decided to submit it on my
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by Xander Riley

The clock is ticking,
It cannot be restrained.
Time waits for no man,
It is never regained.

Money is power,
It is earned with our sweat.
We spend it to live,
And go deeper in debt.

We improve our lives,
Want to live like a king.
But nobody knows
What the future will bring.

Will you be wealthy?
Maybe power's your goal?
Do you desire fame?
Are you saving your soul?

People are different,
Yet inside we're the same.
Life's not a battle,
It is only a game.

We play against Fate,
Ourselves, and each other.
We play it alone,
To beat one another.

The things we count on
Will not always be true.
Fate changes the rules
As it plays against you.

The measure of man
Is not money or fame.
Actions cause others
To remember your name.

We scamper around
Like small ants on a rock.
The clock keeps ticking.
Eternally. Tick-tock.

© Copyright 2008 Xander Riley, All Rights Reserved