This poem was written after my
computer crashed for the millionth
time.  My anger at Windows finally
drifted into my writing.

Time for a Change
by Xander Riley

My PC is my life, my connection to all.
I’m on it both night and day.
Networking, news, and posts to my wall,
I use it for both work and play.

The past couple years have been harder it seems,
The updates and changes come fast.
We’re living a life of old Star Trek dreams,
If only the thing wouldn’t crash.

The downfall began with a powerful foe,
That caused me great pain and distress.
PC doesn’t care ‘bout the average Joe -
The PC is now quite a mess.

My blood pressure’s higher, my anger unbound,
I feel like I’m under attack.
I’ve had it with Windows, the tide’s turning ‘round.
I’m going to switch to a Mac.

© Copyright 2010 Xander Riley
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