Too Bloody Cute!
by Xander Riley

My baby girl had just turned four,
And raising her is quite a chore.
For Halloween, she wants to be
A vampire girl, like on TV.

I told her "No", and bought a dress
So she could be a cute princess.
A pretty, pink, quite lacey gown,
Glass slippers and a diamond crown.

She pouted, then she cried a flood -
Because I wouldn't buy fake blood.
No dark and scary clothes, no capes.
No guns or weapons, no sharp stakes.

Her tantrum ended at the door
Of her favorite place - the Dollar Store.
I lost her as she hit the aisles,
Then she pulled me out the door, all smiles.

She's "much too old" for Dad to dress.
She can be mature, I must confess.
She preened upstairs, no help from me.
She wouldn't let me in to see.

I called upstairs, "It's time to go!"
She waltzed right in, like a fashion show.
She smiled at me, and I thought "Oh, dang!"
My pretty princess was wearing fangs!

© Copyright 2011 Xander Riley
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