A psychological drama about a brother and sister whose lives are upset by a
mentally disturbed woman.  Virginia Mae Flanders overcame a troubled childhood
and grew into an independent woman.  Her brother, Jason, also turned out well.  A
homeless prostitute acts as the catalyst to bring back old memories and place
their lives in danger - and the lives
of those they love.
A supernatural story about a town where nothing is what it appears to be.  A
young man on vacation stumbles across an old diner and motel in the middle of
nowhere.  The strange owners and customers leave him feeling uneasy, but he
shrugs it off as "eccentric country folk".  Then he enters the motel and finds
that his life will never be the same.
  The First Ending
A writer who is working on his newest science fiction novel suddenly finds himself
living the life of his main character.
A small group of scientists perfects a new technology that can benefit all
mankind, but they remain hidden away in their own small town.  Once the
technology leaks out to the public, the world can never be the same again.  This
story spans many centuries throughout the series, with each
book focusing on a
single generation.
Short Stories
Ms. Carmichael
An elderly woman returns home to discover a masked man in her house.
  Flight 213
A plane crash changes the lives of many.  Was it coincidence?  Or fate?  Or
something else...
  Timeless Treasures
What happens to all those people who have 'disappeared without a trace'?
A teenager's curiosity causes a commotion on his street.
  Bite Me!
A cute story with heroic fruit.
  Little Shit
A short story about a dog that adopts his master (told from both points of view)
  Christmas Innocence
A child's belief in Santa is not shaken by the truth of reality.
  Living Alone
A young woman questions her safety and sanity when she starts to believe that
someone has been entering her apartment while she's gone.
  Identity Crisis
A criminal steals people's identities and their money until he loses his latest list
of victims and is forced to get it back before he's discovered.
  The Sewer Rat
A man is on the run from armed men.
Poetry - Holiday Themed
Modern Santa
Santa changes with the times.
  Santa Not Real?
Really??? Or, is he MORE than just a person?
  Santa's Only Sin
Even Santa Claus has a vice.
  A Pet's Christmas
A short poem about Christmas from a pet's point of view.
  Ho, Ho, Ho!!!
Happy Holidays!
  Too Bloody Cute!
Some kids always seem to get their own way!
  Dark As Night
A short poem about bedtime.
A  poem to make you think twice before teasing your siblings.
  Easter Egg Hunt
A quick Easter poem.
Poetry - General
The Cycle of Life
This poem has won awards on - it is one of my personal favorites.
  New Life
A very short poem covering birth, life, and a new generation.
  Time For A Change
A short poem I wrote after my computer crashed
  Fate's Fickle Finger
A story poem about the unpredictable nature of life.
A story poem about the worst day ever.
  The Mystic Hole
Discovering a portal to another world
  Rainbow of Life
Even in the darkest times, there is always a ray of hope.
  Little Shit
How did you decide on a name for YOUR dog???
  Forever Friends
A short poem about good friends
  Worlds of Wonder
A short acrostic poem I wrote for a contest
  Mother Plucker
An old woman and a chicken battle over dinner.
  Granny Apple
Apples are good for more than just your health.
  Five Senses of Solitude
Your five senses tell you that you're all alone...
  Tall Tales
A cute acrostic poem that you'll have to read to find out the word it spells.
  Love Angel
A beautiful poem about true love.
  Clay Pigeons
A cute poem about an artist and his sculpture.
  The Walk Home
A story poem about walking home from a party.
  The Stage of Life
We act out our parts in the play of Life.
  A Story Is Born
A short limerick written for a contest.
A cinquain-style poem about artists, follows a specific pattern in each stanza -
one word, two words, three words, four words, one word.  It is not supposed to
An acrostic poem about creativity, the first letter of each line spells out a word
or phrase.
  Hollywood or Bust
An acrostic poem about stardom, the first letter of each line spells out a word.
Four acrostic poems about Bingo
An acrostic poem about time, the first letter of each line spells out a word or
A poem about life; a shorter version of The Human Place.
  The Human Place
Another poem about life and man's place in the universe.
Other Styles of Writing
Imagine This
An assignment for a college course I took (many, many years ago).
  Everyman Hero
Sad, inspirational piece that came to me from a dream.
The novels are blocked from public view until I complete them - very few people have access to read them for feedback by logging in as PREFERRED.  Agents and publishers should contact Xander Riley for
the passwords.

One interesting note about my stories: they are all intertwined.  If your remember my other stories, you will notice connections between them.  For instance, Ms Carmichael was the teacher for many of my
characters, the crime family from Flight 213 reappears in Spy-In-Training, and quite a few minor characters appear across multiple stories.  I have always enjoyed reading Stephen King novels because they
have subtle connections, so I try to keep my writing connected as well.